Install office with product key

Install office with product key

First, check your computer or mobile device to make sure it meets system requirements for running Microsoft Office.Then scroll down and click the plus sign to the left of each Office product to see the computer requirements. Click Mobile devices near the top of the page to find mobile device requirements.
·         If your computer or device meets the requirements, go to
·         Find the Product Key, a 25-character code, located on your receipt or on the back of the card inside your product packaging.
·         Enter the Product Key and click Next.
·         From there, you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account.

·         Once you're signed in to your account, you will be able to access and manage your Office products and subscriptions.
·         Select your Office product, click install office with product key and follow any additional prompts to complete the installation
The move to Microsoft Office  are often smooth and uneventful, allowing computer users to take advantages of the many advanced features and design improvements that the Office suite provides. But successful software installations are never guaranteed. Windows devices depend on complex interactions among countless hardware and software components. This complaint occurs most often when Office 2013 is being installed through streaming, and it is almost always related to a computer's antimalware tools attempting to scan each file as it streams to the local system. Most commercial endpoint-grade antimalware tools, Kaspersky  has been known to cause such a performance decline. for more support of install office with product key,follow us.
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